Enjoy the best fitness experience Columbus, Ohio has to offer. Van Treese Personal Training will guide you step by step to discover the best you!

Mobility and Injury Prevention

Learning how to take care of your body is the first piece of any fitness program. This is true for all ages and abilities; whether you are an elite athlete, a fitness junkie, or someone just getting into the world of fitness it is necessary to perform routine maintenance to maintain muscle quality and joint function. Many people associate fitness with pain, a soar back, achey knees, shoulder issues, etcetera. WIth proper program design all of these issues can be eliminated.  



Personal Training

Working with a skilled and knowledgeable personal trainer will optimize your gym time. BVT Mobility truly gets to know his clients and connects with them. Each fitness program is built around you, your goals and your needs. Having a trainer instruct proper form keeps you safe and healthy in the gym. Van Treese Personal Training will hold you accountable and motivate you to take your fitness game to new heights.