Welcome to Van Treese Training

Ben Van Treese grew up in a family of high level, competition waterskiers. His mother being a national champion several times over gave him the opportunity grow up around elite coaches. This upbringing has fueled an interest in the human form and how training can shape the human body for performance. Throughout college Ben worked for Ohio State University's rec center as a personal trainer. Since graduating from Ohio State with a BS in Human Nutrition and Exercise Physiology Ben has worked in a sports performance facility in Columbus, Ohio. In his current role he works with professional athletes during the offseason, utilizing Functional Range Conditioning principles and Kinstretch to prepare them for the upcoming season. Ben is motivated by an evidence based approach to training. His continuing education has focused on utilizing strength training to improve joint health, increase active range of motion, and increase end range strength. Ben's passion for keeping up with current research and his ability to communicate his knowledge to clients makes him an effective coach. Ben's experience runs the gamut from children to adult, high school athlete to seasoned professionals. What makes him successful with his clients is his ability to enhance body control, mitigate injury, improve joint health, and most importantly increase physical longevity. 





Kinstretch Level 1 Instructor

Bachelor of Science Human Nutrition and Kinesiology