Point 2 Point and Van Treese Training

Van Treese Training is excited to team up with the Point 2 Point to provide you with education devoted to training and self care to keep you raging on the bike all season! We will be sharing blogs, vlogs, and social media with the goal of helping you learn how to train and what to train for a long successful season. Our first blog for P2P is on what a thoughtful approach to training is. Over the next several weeks we will be posting more information on how to design your season’s training in order to ride hard and feel great. If you are interested in receiving additional information sign up for the Van Treese Training Off The Bike Newsletter and visit our website for more content.

A mountain biker with a goal in mind should think about what she or he can do off of the bike and consider a focused program specific to them that addresses stability, mobility, strength, and power. Thoughtful training will improve performance, enhance recovery and keep you in the saddle. You will also reduce the chance of overuse injury to the spine, hips, knees, and ankles. Your best season ever doesn’t occur on accident.  A thoughtfully designed program based on your blueprint is the difference maker between last season and this season’s exceptional one!

Many endurance athletes, particularly cyclists, see a season or a career shortened by overuse injury. These injuries happen so often that many athletes view them as “normal” or “part of the sport”, yet athletes continue to endure chronic pain for days, weeks, and months. Ignoring injuries creates dysfunction in your body and limits the quality and quantity of time on the bike.

Mountain biking performance can be remarkably improved by replacing one or two rides a week with an alternative, focused training program. The many short sidebars found in “Bicycling Magazine” showcasing different exercises or “workouts” are not formalized training…they are random exercises at best! While exercises are great, they will not generate a lasting outcome for you as an athlete. Training is a goal-specific and you specific approach to improving performance. A training program includes more than randomized exercises or workouts - training is purposeful. We at VanTreese Training provide individual based training programs that include the organized improvement of joint mobility and stability, muscle and connective tissue strength, and the development of power, speed, and endurance.

If you are that mountain biker who is ready to commit more to performance, sign up to receive additional content, or consider enrolling into a program delivered by coaches with the skills to optimize your training and body. Over the next several weeks we will be breaking down the different elements of a training program for mountain bike athletes. All great programs start with an assessment. Here is a sneak peak of how we assess an athlete’s spine and hips.  We use this information as your blueprint to begin preparing the joints for the stress of the upcoming season.

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