What is the FRC® 12-Week Program?

Are aches and pains limiting your lifestyle? It’s time to make movement easy again with a personalized program that will help you excel at your favorite activities.

Introducing the 12 Week FRC® Program

Your joints are integral to every movement you make, from riding a bike to sitting in a chair. If your mobility has become limited by age, lingering injuries, or other issues, then participating in physical activity may be damaging your joints and tissues.

Functional Range Conditioning® (FRC) uses scientific principles and research to identify and correct joint limitations. FRC® strives to increase your usable range of motion, body control, and joint strength.

Who Can Benefit from FRC®?

The Van Treese Training 12 Week FRC® Program is highly-personalized for your body’s needs. If you are healthy and active, then our program can help you stay fit. If you have experienced stiffness, tightness, aches, pain, and limited motion that impact the way you live and play, then FRC® can help.

Begin Your Journey to Better Health

This program starts with a Functional Range Assessment® (FRA). During this session, we will test every major joint in your body for both active and passive ranges of motion. We will quantify the motion in your hips, spine, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, scapula, knees, ankles, and great toes. Then we determine how your joint mobility is affecting your movement and develop a plan to improve joint health and movement.

The measurements that we take in your FRA® will help us build your personalized movement program. They will also provide a baseline to help us track your increased mobility. You will see measurable progress over your 12-week training, or you’ll get your money back.

Which FRC® Package Is the Right Choice for You?

When you select an FRC® Package from Van Treese Training, you will always receive:


●       Your Functional Range Assessment®

●       Private sessions with an FRC® certified physical trainer

●       A personalized 12-week movement program

●       12 weeks of daily workouts available online

●       Video demonstrations of correct technique

●       Instant messaging with your trainer


Additionally, depending on your unique needs, you may choose a package that offers twelve 30-minute private training sessions, twelve 60-minute sessions, or twenty-four 30-minute sessions.

To find out more about our FRC® 12 Week Program and to begin your journey to greater joint mobility, visit https://www.vantreesetraining.com/packages-1/.

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