4 Benefits of Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®)

Functional Range Conditioning® (FRC) utilizes scientific principles and research to identify and then correct joint limitations. FRC® focuses on increasing your usable range of motion, body control, and joint strength, and comes with a lot of benefits for your physical health.

Courtesy of Van Treese Training, check out our list of advantages of signing up for our 12 Week FRC® Program. 

1. Mobility & Flexibility

The main focus of FRC® is to both improve flexibility and teach your nervous system how to properly control the newly acquired movement ranges. Further, FRC® offers strategies not just for the development of control, but for developing strength, power, and coordination in these ranges. These results allow your new ranges of motion to be integrated and used in functional movement patterning.

2. Joint Strength

Your body’s connective tissue consists of many types, including bone, fascia, capsules, ligaments, vessels, tendons, and 80% of the body’s nerves.

Keeping these connective tissues in mind, proper physical training can and should strengthen each of these tissues. FRC® treats each of these types as targets during training and works towards the attainment of beneficial tissue adaptations and strength in each. The FRC® system thus enhances tissue resilience and quality in all components that make up the joint complex.

3. Articular Health & Longevity

While developing mobility, all of the articular connective tissue components are strengthened, and neurological control is enhanced. Together, these benefits improve joint health, prevent injury, and enhance longevity. FRC® has therefore been effectively used with several patient age populations to preserve function and movement, optimize one’s joint health, and slow down the progression of the degenerative process. Some of the components of FRC®, such as Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs)™, were created specifically with this goal in mind.

4. Performance Enhancement

As FRC® improves the active motion across a joint, the ability to store potential energy during a lengthening cycle increases, which you can then transfer into usable force during a shortening cycle. This means that improvements in mobility unlock greater ranges of motion that can enhance your performance strength.

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